4/13/1996, 10/15/2000, 9/22/2004, 6/09/2010, 8/8/2012, 12/7/2013. These are not just dates; they are memorable markers in the history of this club. They are points which we stepped forward. Where we persevered and celebrated together. They are memories and achievements built upon the individual participation of everyone on the field and in the stands. These dates would not be the same if every person involved had not given their all.

Today is another day that can turn into an achievement built on the passion of every person in the Cauldron and throughout Sporting Park. It is time for you, an individual, to be a little louder, a little stronger, a little more passionate so that we lift the 11 men on the field up. Your voice is what drives them. Your passion is what makes them faster, tougher, stronger and more committed to our city than any other club.

We know the enemy. We have traded blows. We have won and we have lost. Today, on this game-day we ask you to be the difference. Have Tim’s back. Be the extra step in Dom’s run. Be the scope on Benny’s rifle. Be the wind in Peter’s lungs. Be loud. Be passionate. Be Kansas City.

We will see you in the Members Club for the tailgate. You know how to do this. You have showed your colors and passion time and time again. Let’s do it again as individuals that make up an unstoppable force.

It’s our castle, let’s defend it.
For The Glory Of The City.

Sean Dane
Kansas City Cauldron