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Wichita Wanderers

FOUNDED: 2013 SECTION: Member Stands & Elsewhere EMAIL: wichitawanderers@gmail.com WEBSITE: http://www.wichitawanderers.com The Wichita Wanderers were founded in March of 2012 to provide dedicated supporters of Sporting Kansas City the opportunity to come together to enjoy matches, organize road trips, and grow support of our team in the Wichita area.  What started as six people in

Trenches of SKC

FOUNDED: 2012 SECTION: Members Stand – Usually the front of M-8 CONTACT: Mark Murdick EMAIL: skc_doughboys@yahoo.com The Trenches of SKC are part of the Kansas City Cauldron Support group lead by the SKC Doughboys. We represent South Kansas City and based out of Martin City Brewing Co. Keep up with us for the latest on

The Wedge

FOUNDED: 2011 SECTION: 115 EMAIL: sportingwedge115@gmail.com The Wedge, named for the shape of Section 115 where we reside, is designed to give vocal fans in the South Stand a passionate family-friendly experience. While it’s not ‘standing-only’ like the Cauldron, we tend to stand and cheer during runs and corner kicks. You will also have the opportunity

Sporting Militia

FOUNDED: 2011 SECTION: Members Stand – Usually M9 CONTACT: Tom Walsh EMAIL: sporting.militia@gmail.com The idea for the Militia was spawned at Arrowhead during the ’03 and ’04 seasons. Many good times were shared between a very small, but extremely close group of friends. The core of the group was actually a family that grew up

South Stand SC

FOUNDED: 2011 SECTION: South Stan 115-122 CONTACT: Mark Killingsworth EMAIL: admin@southstandsc.org WEBSITE: http://www.southstandsc.org The mission of South Stand SC is simple: help our fans support Sporting Kansas City and our community. South Stand fans keep watch over the end of the pitch at Sporting Park directly opposite from the Cauldron. SSSC is designed to serve

Nothland Noise

FOUNDED: 2012 SECTION: Members Stand – Usually M5, Rows 3,4 and 5 goal side. CONTACT: Rj Keitchen Email: info@NorthlandNoise.com Website: http://www.northlandnoise.com Northland Noise Supports Group (NNSG) is a Sporting Kansas City supporters group with it’s members based out of the Kansas City MO Northland. NNSG was founded in the first half of the 2012 MLS

Mass St. Mob

SECTION: Member Stand EMAIL:massstmob@gmail.com The University of Kansas is known nationwide for their extraordinary fans cheering for Jayhawk basketball. We pitch tents and camp just to see the Hawks. The Mass Street Mob harnesses that powerful energy and applies it to the greatest soccer team, Sporting Kansas City. This Lawrence-based fan club loves being mixed

Ladies of SKC

FOUNDED: 2012 CONTACT: Ladies of SKC EMAIL: laura.byrne.568@facebook.com When Ladies of SKC was created, it was never meant to be a supporters group. We started off with the intent of providing a social experience outside of the walls of LSP to grow the game amongst women in Kansas City and this social group has exploded in

KC Futbol Misfits

FOUNDED: 2008 Started in 2008 by a 96’er and his close friends, we welcome all who are passionate about Sporting KC. Taken from the iconic punk band, their name describes its members nicely. This raucous group likes to have a good time & has been known to push the envelope. Energetic & vocal with a


JPOP has always been a little bit about disorder, chaos, fun, open-mindedness, die-hard SKC support, and tailgating. JPOP stands for Just a Piece of Paper. Once upon a time at CommunityAmerica Ball Park, streamers were handed out to everyone in the Cauldron. When they were thrown at inappropriate times, the security guards started kicking people