TheWedge1The Wedge, named for the shape of Section 115 where we reside, is designed to give vocal fans in the South Stand a passionate family-friendly experience. While it’s not ‘standing-only’ like the Cauldron, we tend to stand and cheer during runs and corner kicks. You will also have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of fun extras which may include waving flags, tossing streamers, and overhead banners.

Since we’re in an area with lots of little kids, we’re spirited and show good sportsmanship at all times. We want everyone to enjoy their time at Sporting Park in and around our section, so vulgarity or disruptive behavior is not tolerated. If you want to be a drunk hooligan, you can do it from the parking lot. It’s open seating so we have to work with our section neighbors and security.

We’re also welcome to attend the South Stand SC and Cauldron tailgates before matches, the members’ club after matches, and be a part of the whole fan experience. Everyone is encouraged to be a part of the South Stand SC, no matter what section you’re in.

So join us for the next home match. Just make sure to bring your spirit and your blue! The Wedge will always be full of friendly smiles of all ages.