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SECTION: Members Stand – Usually M9
CONTACT: Tom Walsh
EMAIL: sporting.militia@gmail.com


The idea for the Militia was spawned at Arrowhead during the ’03 and ’04 seasons. Many good times were shared between a very small, but extremely close group of friends. The core of the group was actually a family that grew up playing and watching the beautiful game. The two brothers and a newly found friend,Tom, went to the home opener together in ’03. That night, lifelong bonds were made. We scraped money together to go to as many home matches as we could. Watch parties for away games were set up whenever possible. Fast forward a few years. Life had interrupted regular attendance. Contact between everyone wasn’t happening on as regular basis as before. Tom happened across a few soccer fans at work. Plans were made to meet up at the Wizards v Man. United match. Back at the warm confines of Arrowhead once again, another family that grew up with the game was there to welcome new friends. This time was different. The family was from Mexico, and brought a unique brand of support. When the Wizards officially became Sporting, Luis reached out to see if any of his friends wanted season tickets with he and his family. Tickets were bought, and the season began. As that first season as Sporting went on, old friendships were rekindled. The guys from the old days at Arrowhead were reunited, and brought in with the new crew. Tom, Luis, and Charles, had discussions about setting up our own group. The trigger was pulled and Sporting Militia was formed. We are more than a group of friends. We are family. Not all of our members have season tickets, but we all share the same passion and pride for our group and team.

Anyone interested is meeting up with us inside the stadium, or outside for a tailgate is encouraged to get in touch via email or twitter. We’ll tell you what our plans are and where to find us. We usually sit in M9, but are known to invade other sections as seating and opponents change. All we ask is that you be yourself and bring a good sense of humor and good attitude. As there is such a sense of family, we can get pretty rowdy.