jpopJPOP has always been a little bit about disorder, chaos, fun, open-mindedness, die-hard SKC support, and tailgating. JPOP stands for Just a Piece of Paper. Once upon a time at CommunityAmerica Ball Park, streamers were handed out to everyone in the Cauldron. When they were thrown at inappropriate times, the security guards started kicking people out. The Cauldron proceeded to sing “It’s just a piece of paper!” and somewhere in our minds that glorious chant caught hold.

Since that time, it’s been sung at times of glory and of disappointment. It’s an expression of disillusionment and of acceptance. When you think about life too much you just have to step back and say, “Well, it’s just a piece of paper.”

At a recent game, I (Graham) was told that the chant goes back to Arrowhead. The Wizards had just been defeated in the conference championship and the Fire were claiming their victory on the field. However, instead of a trophy, all that was available was a certificate. The Cauldron mocked them with the familiar cry, “It’s just a piece of paper!”

Anyone is welcome to join JPOP as long as you enjoy tailgating and singing and cheering without sitting down all game long.