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fountainCityUltrasFOUNDED: 2012
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Before Sporting Park, before the CAB, Arrowhead, even the Wizards, we were all friends around Kansas City. Kicking any kind of ball in our front yards and alleys we found something to call our own. The year was 94 and soccer had been reintroduced with the World Cup in our Country, and our Country was ripe for a full-fledged soccer invasion. And, with the inclusion of the Kansas City Wizards in the inaugural MLS season our city was on its way. A whole new generation would, in time, carry the sport further than it had ever gone. Around that same time alternative music was also finding its way to us along with this sport of the underdog, which was always pushed aside in the mainstream, much like our music. We grew up listening to punk and hardcore music and soon found each other at shows across the city and country. Many of us also had begun to follow what stared in 94 in the states and followed back it’s European stronghold, following clubs like Chelsea, Roma, Barcelona and Paris St. Germaine. Much like we followed bands that were our own in our minds, we followed clubs from a sport we considered our own. In 96, our focus would change onto our own team. At our shows we displayed a fanatical appreciation for our favorite bands through ruckus antics and in time the new European ultras began to rise with the same furious love for their clubs. We were naturally drawn to want to show the same passion and dedication for our club, as much as we could. Through the years we faced many obstacles trying to come together as one united front from being divided throughout the Arrowhead and the CAB until finally finding our place to come together in the Cauldron at Sporting Park. Though our roots are deeply ingrained in punk rock DIY ethos we welcome all those who wish to show their fanatical devotion to make our club the greatest among those we followed for so long. We are the Fountain City Ultras