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Montez Roberts Family Donation Drive

Montez Roberts Family Donation Drive

UPDATE: We've found a house! They're moved in and feeling settled, but could still use help finding a bunk bed. Email us at canyouhearme@kccauldron.com if you have a lead, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook. The transition has been expensive, so if you haven't please consider donating below.

HOUSEHOLD ITEM DONATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED, but we'd love to hear if you have anything willing to donate as the Roberts still have needs. Also a
ll extra items or duplicates will be donated to the Bishop Sullivan center here in Kansas City.

View Household Item Donation Info Page here w sizes

Why We're Doing This

A KC family in Cauldron City has gotten knocked down - and we’re asking for your support in giving them a helping hand up.

Montez Roberts worked the front of the Members Stand as security for the Cauldron from the time Sporting Park opened, until late last year when he moved to Columbia with his wife and family. They moved back to Kansas City this week, and had only moved their belongings in for one day, when a house fire claimed almost everything they had. Please read and watch the video here.


Those that have just started to come to games might not know how much the Cauldron relies on an experienced security crew to keep matches fun and safe. Inconsistent, poorly trained security guards that didn't know the difference between hooligans and the Cauldron were a serious problem on-and-off for 10+ years. It still occasionally pops up, but it never did with Montez.

There was a level of trust there that's hard to explain. We consider him a supporter and part of the Cauldron. He did us the service of watching the stands so we can watch the games. He also used to let us know when we needed to take the noise up a notch :)

When Montez didn't have to work a game, he stood with us in the Member’s Stand. He’s even brought his wife to games. He was the best security guard we’ve ever had with the best crew we've ever had, and we missed him greatly when he had to move to Columbia.

Right now, we are collecting funds to assist the Roberts family, and we might need physical donations of household items soon. For today, we just want to focus on creating the funds necessary to assist in their transition.

This isn’t a tragedy. No one died, and we are very thankful. However, they don’t have plans on where they are staying tonight, and are waiting on a call from the Red Cross at the moment. We have assured the Roberts that we will take care of tonight, and we’ll worry about tomorrow together.

Montez Roberts celebrates a goal with the Kansas City Cauldron


Donations are in $10 increments - just change the quantity to increase the donation. All donations will go directly to the Roberts family either in goods or direct financial relief.



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