It’s about the idea. It lives┬áin you.

The cauldron is more than just a section of supporters. It is based on the fundamental idea that every fan is a leader, you just have to choose to be. It is this idea that makes us unique in the world of supporters groups and the reason for our success. If you stand with us, sing with us, share our passion for the team, you are already part of the group. It’s all about individuals putting the work in to make things better for the group.

Whether you’re a graphics designer, an accountant, a chef, a painter, or a poet, we can find projects for you. Just hit us up via Twitter, Facebook, Email, or Smoke Signal (Generally take longer to respond) and we will get you involved. Consider yourself warned, this could lead to the loss of your free time and/or social life. But it’s cool, we will make a new social life for you.