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As a member you will attain some great perks! Access purchase cheaper tickets in the supporters section, free beverages at the tailgates, member discounts on merchandise, and special events that happen that members will have priority to participate in. Be sure to purchase your Membership today!

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Newbie Guide

So you’re new to soccer, new to Sporting Kansas City, or new to the Cauldron and you’re looking for some information on how to connect, when to stand (rule #1: always stand, never sit), when to go to the bathroom, how to make friends, easy steps to tail-gating or any other information that will help make your transition from normal fan to Cauldron Member easy and pain-free. This is the section you need to read.

Guide for Newbies

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As Cauldron Members, you have access to supporter section tickets at rates below those of all other ticket websites! Need tickets in other sections, we have you covered also!

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Want to show your Sporting support? Head over to the Cauldron Shop for t-shirts, golf shirts, scarves, hoodies and sweatshirts!

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