For The Glory Of The City

No Other Club

Since 1996 the passion for the beautiful game has been on display in the Cauldron.
More than a section; the Cauldron is a way of engaging the sport that we love as a participant and not just a spectator. A unique organization where the greatest sports fans in the country come show the passion of Kansas City. 

Stand. Sing. Cheer.

Beers Consumed

Years Together

MLS Cups


Our Skills

Passion. Loyalty. Off-key singing.

Some people have bo staff skills. Some people play the trumpet. Some people cook. In the Cauldron; ALL ARE WELCOME and all skills are valued. We do excel in many key areas as demonstrated by the this useful chart. 

  • Love For Kansas City
  • Beer Consumption
  • Away Support
  • Singing on key.

Stay Up To Date

Stay in the know with our newsletter. There is always something on the Cauldron dance card and this is the best way to stay informed.