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Camp Cauldron 4/11 Tailgate
Apr 11, 2015
The Ladies of SKC have stepped up to offer walking tacos for tonights tailgate as well as some delicious treats for breakfast in the morning. The tailgate will be over at Community America Ballpark. It will be like old times back at CAB. Park over at CAB, have some food and a beer and getting ready to send RSL home upset again.

Yes you can get into the CAB lots earlier than the speedway lots. See you there around 3.


The Cauldron exists to support Sporting K...
Camp Cauldron
Mar 21, 2015

The Cauldron exists to support Sporting Kansas City but we love any soccer happening in this area which includes FCKC. We are so impressed with what the ladies of FCKC have done bringing a championship to Kansas City all while being supported by our counter parts the Blue Crew. FCKC will playing their season opener at Sporting Park on Sunday April 12th. When we looked at the schedule and realized Sporting Kansas City was playing the evening before we got an idea. Camp Cauldron.

Here we go.
Mar 8, 2015
As I sit on a plane headed to KC to join all of you I had some thoughts to spit out.

Here we are, just a short while from the opening of the gates and the pouring in of thousands of dedicated Sporting Kansas City Supporters. The long offseason will be behind us and we will be locked on one goal; to lift the men that wear the crest of our club on their chest to victory; to win all the trophies because we like hardware.

As we do this we take another step down the road that is now...
Happy Ticket Day.
Feb 8, 2015
We are about a half hour away from tickets going live. Just a refresher for everyone on buying tickets.
2105 Season Meeting
Jan 7, 2015
It's 2015, welcome to the future my friends.

It seems like only yesterday we were spilling tears at the end of the 2014 campaign. Though the season did not end the way that we had all hoped its a new year and its time to get back on top. There have been many changes to the team since that final day and in this offseason there have been many ongoing changes to the Cauldron.

In order to get things rolling we want to invite all current members of the CCSA (Cauldron Ci...
Knockout Game Information for the #Roaddron
Oct 27, 2014
Thursday night kicks off the playoffs and we look to SKC to get their mojo back and start the run. The game takes place in New Jersey and Red Bull Arena.

We have no deal on travel so its every man, woman and child for themselves on getting there and hotels.

We have tickets reserved for traveling supporters. Pay attention to the details below. If you do not follow the instructions exactly the site will tell you there are no tickets. Discounted Away Supporters tickets are $20.
Beer lovers and makers
Apr 23, 2014
Beer Makers, we have some exciting news. We are happy to announce our first Home Brew competition. We invite all of you to brew up a batch that will be judged prior to the May 18th game with the top three of that judging being featured at BeerKC in our tent on June 7th. The winner of judging at BeerKC will we awarded a $500 gift certificate for new brewing equipment. Any style can enter with the only requirement being the ability to provide 5 gallons if selected for BeerKC. We know that this is ...
Mar 22, 2014
Gameday, the day we all look forward to. Some so they can pick apart every decision on the field. Most because we get to be reunited with the community that we have built over many years. A community that has seen massive growth over the past 3 seasons and that will continue to grow. This community it the heart and soul of this team and of this city. We are Kansas City. We don't care what Portland, Seattle, New York, or any other club does. We are Kansas City. We will be there, lifting our team ...
Cauldron TIFO Painting and Cave Party
Mar 10, 2014
We need all hands on deck for opening day display time Cauldron City. You want to help out? This is your chance. Help us paint in a a crazy underground cave.

WHEN: Monday and Tuesday 5:30, Thursday TBD if necessary.

WHERE: KC underground caves. Call (512) 923-7384 when you arrive and we will let you in.

No experience needed...everyone is welcome. There are no strangers in Cauldron City.
First Kick Watch Party
Mar 6, 2014
Here we go folks. The new season is upon us. Time to get your colors on, then get out and celebrate with friends. We have been approached by the new local owners of the Dubliner in Power and Light. We thought it would be a good chance to try it out and they have made an offer for us that is really exciting.

From 1:00 to 4:30 10% of all sales will be donated to the Cauldron Futsal Fund. We really appreciate the support for an effort that we are dedicated to.

There will be $3 Domes...
Membership is open!
Feb 3, 2014
Ok everybody. You can go ahead and start renewing and registering for membership.

If you are an existing member just login to your account and there will be a renew button next to your member number. Just click that and complete the payment process.

If you are a new member follow this link and fill out all the information, complete the process and you have joined the membership rolls.
Membership 2014
Feb 2, 2014
Membership 2014 Details.

Once again, thanks for being patient with us while we get things finalized. Tomorrow, around noon, we will open 2014 membership. No need to sit around hitting refresh we have plenty of time before the season starts.

Tickets will once again be restricted to members only with a limit of two per membership. We will have the same number of tickets per game available, around 400, and they will be $26 per ticket. That is over $13 per ticket less than via TM and...
Offseason and Merchandise Update
Jan 30, 2014
Sorry for some of the delay in communication. We are working hard to get things ready and we appreciate your patience.
Tonight @Johnnys
Dec 6, 2013
Ok folks we are just hours away from the party to kick off the wait until the tailgate before the pre-game before the MLS Cup.

First, we want to welcome our friends, and 90 minute enemies, from Salt Lake to party with us tonight. Welcoming traveling fans has always been a highlight of this group. We believe that supporters across the league should be united outside of the stadium.

As always we will have $4 Boulevard Pilsner and 80 Acre Schooners along with regular domestics.
Dec 6, 2013
Tomorrow we push to the summit. For some of us this is an endeavor stretching more than a decade. For others this is all still new. Regardless, here we stand, together, united behind the city and team that we love.

The story of the rebirth of this team and its fans has been told. It has been written by you, with your voices. You have traveled in staggering numbers to every game this team played on the road. You have drank all the beer.

Tomorrow we write the final chapter to this ...
Ticket Update
Dec 1, 2013
Good news everyone. We know that many of you did not get tickets in either of the sales that we had. While the MS is absolutely sold out we were able to pick up a number of Standing Room Only Tickets. We know that everyone wants to be down in the Cauldron but its just not going to happen. Being there for the game is still a better option than not being there. We will release these tickets using the same methodology as the last release. These tickets will be posted on Tuesday at 10am. They will g...
Ticket Mess
Nov 26, 2013
Thank you for taking a moment to read this. First let me say that I am sorry for the inconvenience that many of you suffered during the ticket purchasing process today. We strive to make things as smooth as possible, and we certainly understand that this morning was not smooth.

Our web team has gone back through the data to see what caused such a hassle. First, some hard numbers for clarity. The Cauldron has just over 2000 members, and only 500 tickets were posted. This means...
Nov 6, 2013
Today is not just another day. Today is a day that your city needs your voice. Today we as a community show our ability to influence a game. It’s time to put on your blue, it’s time to lose your voice, it’s time to be loud.

For the third year in a row we come to the playoffs. We are down but we are not out because we get to play in our home. This is our HOME. We waited for 15 years to have a home. We were lost in the cavernous Arrowhead. We were ignored i...
#Roaddron New England Playoffs
Oct 28, 2013
Here we go. Round one away at the New England Revolution. We will not be running busses or have deals on airfare or hotels but we will help organize those traveling.

For tickets. There is a group block reserved for SKC fans. Tickets are $17 plus $5 service fee for a total cost of $22. DEADLINE IS NOON ON FRIDAY 11/1.

To order contact Kyle Lindsay at 508-549-0256 or email KyleL@RevolutionSoccer.net, Be sure to let him know you are an SKC fan.

The FB page here is a great pl...
CCL Importance and Futsal Promotion
Oct 21, 2013
What would the greatest #Roaddron of all time be? Sporting vs Barcelona in Morocco? Sporting vs Real Madrid in Japan?

Do you know that it is possible for that to happen and have the game mean something? It is...and Wednesday night we can move a step closer to that being a reality by advancing to the knockout round of the CONCACAF Champions League. This is as important as any tournament that we compete in and is THE path to being the best club team in the world. All of starts...
Pitch Black/Futsal Fund
Oct 16, 2013
We have an exciting opportunity coming today. We have 10 pair of tickets for Saturday’s Pitch Black event at Sporting Park. Wine and dine with all of the players, coaches and ownership on the middle of the field inside Sporting Park. Each pair of tickets is valued at $200.
Know Your Club History
Aug 3, 2013
The Club's recent on and off the field success has put a lot of focus on telling the story of what soccer has become in Kansas City. The story of today is a great one but you can't forget the stories of the past. Three individuals will be honored at halftime today for their contribution to the game on a local and international level.

We would like to encourage all of Cauldron City to stick around during half time and show support for those who paved the way. If you are a newer fan tak...
Party Schedule
Jul 27, 2013
It is party time in Kansas City. The American soccer community is joining us in what we do best...eat, drink, watch soccer, and wreck shop. There are so many amazing things happening in our city some of them listed here and some will be a total surprise. We have gone through the long list of events and cut out the things that simply were not Cauldronish enough leaving you with only the best to attend and enjoy. There are no strangers in Cauldron City so welcome the out of towners and help show w...
#Roaddron Chicago
Jul 2, 2013
#Roaddron Chicago
July 6-7 2013 Here we go! We are just a few days away from our first trip of the year to Chicago. We will be rolling in with almost 400 for this trip. It's still amazing to see those numbers even after the 600 that went to Dallas two weeks ago. Below you will find the Itinerary for the trip as well as hotel, parking and rule information. It's going to be another great #Roaddron and we look forward to hearing all your voices in full force. If you have not yet picked up...
#Dallas Roaddron Information
Jun 17, 2013
Hello #Roaddron Traveler,

We are just days away from the largest #Roaddron to date. This email should have all the information you need to make this trip a great one for you. We have 2 full busses that will be transporting 110 people. That means that there are another 500 of you traveling on your own. That’s awesome.

First, if you have not picked up your tickets and are riding on the bus your tickets will handed out on the bus as we head to the game. I...
Jun 1, 2013
This is a public service announcement.
1. Treat everyone with common curtesy. 2. Don't Save seats for more than the couple people that are in the stadium with you. 3. If your standing in the isle be kind to those that want to use it as an isle. 4. HALFTIME DOES NOT MEAN FREE FOR ALL. Respect the fact that people go to the bathroom, get a drink, etc. There is no you moved so you lost our seat rule. Have respect. 5. If you throw something on the field, you will be removed from th...
Dallas #Roaddron Update 5/21
May 21, 2013
Bus Tickets for June 22nd at Dallas are here! $100 for the ride, beer, soda and water on the way there and back (If we decide to bring you back), tailgate food & beer, and the chance to meet your fellow supporters!
We have over 450 going so far.

We ask that you also bring a couple dollars in cash for bus driver tips at the end. Suggested gratuity is one dollar per day on a trip like this.

Do you have your ticket requested?
Away Ticket Request Form (Deadl...
Dallas 06.22 Bus Tickets now for sale! #Roaddron
May 16, 2013
Bus Tickets for June 22nd at Dallas are here! $100 for the ride, beer, soda and water on the way there and back (If we decide to bring you back), tailgate food & beer, and the chance to meet your fellow supporters!

We ask that you also bring a couple dollars in cash for bus driver tips at the end. Suggested gratuity is one dollar per day on a trip like this.

Do you have your ticket requested?
Away Ticket Request Form (Deadline June 8th): http://www.sportingkc.com/...
Dallas #Roaddron Update
May 2, 2013
As of today we have 287 requests for this trip. BOOOM! Sad to think we wil outnumber all of the Dallas fans. I am finalizing the bus now but expect around $100 and this will include tailgate, a meal and beverages on the bus there and back. We are planning on 2 buses but if you fill those up quickly we will add a third.
If you have traveled with us before; you know we take good care of you.

We willl depart at 12:00 am on the 22nd (Midnight on the 21st) and return at 10am on the 23rd....
3rd Annual Welcome Party for New SportingKC Rookies and Veterans!
Apr 11, 2013

The Cauldron blows Kisses for Claudio Bieler
Apr 5, 2013

Ticketing Update
Apr 3, 2013
OK folks, everyone who bought tickets via the website should have just received an email explaining how to download your tickets. Some of you do not read your email so here is a reminder. First a huge thanks to John and Kevin at 305spin.com and Patrick Mallahan III of Thryce. These guys have been working hard to automate our ticketing system. This is a huge job and one that saves us hours of work. Unfortunately this means Benjamin Cunningham has been fired as his duties were assigned to the webs...
Montez Roberts Family Relief - Household Item Donations
Mar 5, 2013
You have already shown how big your hearts are #CauldronCity. In a little over 12 hours you have raised $2700 for Montez and his family. Donations are pouring in from around the country including from other supporters groups in other cities. You can donate now via the Cauldron shop here. https://www.kccauldron.com/cauldron-shop/merchandise.cfm/pid/50/Montez-Roberts-Family-Donation-Drive
Starting today at 11am, household items can be dropped off at Pandolfi's Deli located in Columbus Park,...
Ticket and Site update.
Feb 24, 2013
Our crack Internet team has been hard at work to correct the problems from yesterday.
They identified several issues. One of the biggest was people trying to write script to get around the membership requirement. The coding "attacks" on the page basically locked everything up and then nothing could be processed. If you are the type of person that would try this, we want you to know we have an impressive counter hacking team waiting to destroy you. Here they are, don't mess with them...
Opening Day Tickets On Sale Tomorrow
Feb 22, 2013
Tomorrow morning is the day that you have been waiting for. Opening Day tickets will go on sale at 10am. Hopefully you have already secured your membership as you will not be able to purchase tickets without one. Remember you are limited to 2 tickets per member. Everyone will be able to see the tickets under Member Stand tickets but you will not be able to purchase without being a member.
For more information on the membership read this post. http://www.kccauldron.com/news-and-even...
2013 Ticket Info
Feb 7, 2013
This was intended to be released this afternoon ahead of the public release of tickets. Obviously, I missed the date and they are on sale now. Below is the information on tickets and our new membership plan. This is just the basics there will be more details in the next few days. First, we will have 400 tickets per game available for the Cauldron to sell to our members. There are 200 tickets per game via Ticketmaster from the team. This is a small increase in total number of tickets for ...
The long thought dump
Feb 7, 2013

I want to take a second or 10 minutes to elaborate on the need for the CCSA, what informed this decision, and what generally motivates my decision making other than a drunken vision of utopian supporters culture. Over the years there have been multiple structures to this supporters group. There is an in depth account of the evolution of the Cauldron and its history on the website. Structurally the group has been in the form of LLC's and Non Profits. In the current structure the Cauldr...
#Roaddron Philly Update
Feb 5, 2013
#ROADDRON PHILLY UPDATE Feb 5, 2013 First Kick is just weeks away the new season will be underway. Its a chance to see a new stadium and to join the #Roaddron for its first trip of the year. There are already over 75 ticket requests so its going to be a great trip.
We have a group rate at the Hyatt Penn's Landing in downtown. Those rooms can be booked now and are $129 per night. We will charter a bus from the Hotel to the game. You can book via the following link:
MLS All Star Game is coming to KC
Jan 10, 2013
You did it KC you showed the world this is a soccer town. That combined with the fantastic facility that is LSP and we have been awarded the All Star Game in 2013. No news on the opponent yet but it will be a "powerhouse" according to MLS Commissioner Don Garber.

The game will be July 31st at 8:30pm. Expect a large pre-party and other great events leading up to the game.

“Sporting Kansas City full season ticket members will have priority access to tickets for the 2013 MLS ...
#Roaddron Philly
Jan 10, 2013
Its time to start looking ahead to the start of the season. Sporting starts their season on March 2 against the Philidelphia Union. Its First Kick. ITs the start of a new year. Its a chance to see a new stadium and to join the #Roaddron for its first trip of the year.

Tickets will be avalible soon and will be provided by Sporting Club once again. We will post that link as soon as its avalible.

We have a group rate at the Hyatt Penn's Landing in downtown. Those rooms can be boo...
Time Killer
Jan 9, 2013
So here we sit awaiting the 2013 schedule so we can get on with planning our lives. I am home sick today and therefore have a chance to write a little something about the upcoming season. Over the past two years we have expanded the Cauldron in every way imaginable. We have created new and bigger displays to support our team. We have traveled in numbers that were previously unthinkable. We have transformed the perception of Kansas City, soccer and supporters in country. This city, its team...
Special Offer from the Kansas City Repertory Theatre
Nov 15, 2012
Join the Cauldron November 29th, 2012:

For the 32nd season of

Kansas City’s favorite holiday tradition!!!

The Sporting season is over but the holiday season is upon us. Get yourself in the mood with a special offer from the Kansas City Repertory Theatre for all you wonderful Cauldronites. Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol is a story we all know. The story of cold hearted Sc...
Get your rally on.
Oct 26, 2012
Come out and show the city's appreciation for what this team has done this year and what they will will continue to do as we go forward. Its been a great season on the field and in the stands and this is our chance to say thanks you both ways. 6:00 - gates open to the Crossroads KC at Grinders concert area. $3 Budweiser will be available outside, with a full bar and food inside. Outside will be cash only, there is an ATM on location for your use.7:00 - 810 WHB broadcast will begin live outside i...
Playoff Tickets
Oct 11, 2012
Playoff tickets - Here is the deal. There will be 300 single game tickets that are available via the Cauldron. This is a choice made together between Myself and the Director of Ticketing. There was almost %100 purchase rate from existing STH's. That leaves roughly 400 tickets available in the section. Those that had put deposits on 2013 season tickets in the MS were also given the opportunity to purchase 3 game packs. It is my belief and Jake, the director of ticketing, agrees with me that offer...
Oct 2, 2012
Playoff Tickets - As most of you have received information by now, this should be a summary. Season Ticket presale info can be found here http://www.sportingkc.com/content/season-ticket-members-playoff-central. After the presale we will hav e any additional tickets available via KCCauldron.com.

We are already sold out for 10/24 and are looking for ways to find more tickets. This is not very likely at this point.

We are ordering more USOC scarves and we have made the preorder link...
Scarf update and Sale info
Sep 26, 2012
Good news folks, We have finally received all of the Open Cup scarves. We will have them available for pick up Friday at the tailgate. Those that asked for shipping should receive them next week. We only have about 100 extra so if you have not pre-ordered one get there early. We will also be cleaning out the closet in the merch bus. most t's will be marked down to $15 with a couple as low as $10. Just come bye the big blue bus in the Lot F before the game. All the other tailgate details can be f...
Gear for Guatemala
Sep 26, 2012
We will be collecting new and used soccer gear to send to Guatemala with the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. This group is headed by the wife of LSP's head security and safety David Dollase. David asked for our help and we want to answer the call. Here is a great story from their trip last year showing the power of one soccer ball. https://docs.google.com/open?id=1z7vRIFSiJ0sXvFyTKQVA1BL1JXlemfLvYtyQs__reH89wDlDmKU0q-lXFeGb
USOC Scarf Update
Sep 10, 2012
I want to update everyone on what is going on with the USOC Scarves.
Once they went into production the machine that weaves the scarfs broke. Unfortunately the vendor that we are using for these only has one machine that can do more than 4 colors. We want the scarf to look as good as it did on the night of the game so we waited to have it fixed. Teh company has flown someone to England where they are produced from Italy and the machine is repaired. They have been running them all we...
Get your bike and help us kick some MS ass.
Aug 14, 2012
So your a cyclists, you love the cauldron, and you hate Multiple Sclerosis. Well have we got an event for you. We are assembling the most badass of badass teams to ride Bike MS. I will be providing team support (Beer at the end of the ride and tents set up) with the Cauldron bus. All you have to do is sign up and help raise funds. We are committed to helping everyone raise the $200 in pledges they need to ride but you have to be ready to help with those efforts. We are putting together special C...
Special offer for Cauldron fans
Jul 13, 2012

XI, a North American soccer quarterly, releases its first issue this August and is offering Sporting KC fans the opportunity to save money with a subscription and to raise funds for the Cauldron at the same time. By applying the coupon code CAULDRON to an annual subscription purchased at www.xiquarterly.com, readers will receive a savings of 10%, while 10% of their purchase will also be donated to benefit the Cauldron.
Each issue of XI investigates a single aspect of the culture o...
Colorado Road Trip Info
May 5, 2012

Looks like we should have over 70 for this game. Should be great.

Ok, for those who need a ride. We will be departing at Midnight on Sat. morning. We will have early check in at the hotel so we can take a nap, etc before we have to head to the game.

In order make sure you have a ride please check in here on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/events/228961630546402/

If you don't do the Facebook then email musean77@gmail.com to make sure you have a ride.
Chicago Road Trip Info
Apr 26, 2012
All of the details are coming together. We are a little later than we would have like to be but sometimes that's how it works. First, Buses. We have charter buses to transport people to Chicago just like last year. Big difference, we will have WiFi and power outlets on the buses. We will leave from LSP at 12am Sat. morning. It takes about 10 hrs to get to Chicago. Since we have a normally timed game this year we will have time to check into the hotel and relax a bit before we head over to the st...
Opening Day Information
Mar 13, 2012
Sometimes things just align in the life of a supporter. Things have definitely aligned this opening day. St. Patricks day, what has become a celebration of Irish Heritage combined with American love for beer. As soon as the schedule was announced we know we had to do something big. Something along the lines of entering the Kansas City St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

We have an incredibly talented group of people that have put together a fantastic float design. We intend on making The ...
Colorado Road Trip Schedule
May 14, 2012
Looks like we should have around 100 for this game. Should be great.11:15pm- Arrive Lot D Livestrong Sporting Park11:30pm- Begin Boarding Buses - Hand out Pandolfi's Sandwiches and LE Monde Pastery’s
12:00am- Buses Livestrong Sporting PArk

10:00 - 11am Arrive at Fairfield Inn Denver Airport 6851 Tower Road
Denver, CO - Early check in for available rooms.

1:30pm - Depart Hotel to Three Lions Pub for UEFA Champions League Final 2239 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO, 80206 ...
Fianlized Chicago Bus Details.
May 10, 2012
11:15pm- Arrive at Community America Ballpark Northwest Corner of the parking lot
1800 Village West Parkway, Kansas City, KS 66111

11:30pm- Begin Boarding Buses - Hand out Pandolfi's Sandwiches and LE Monde Pastery’s
12:00am- Busses Depart CAB to Chicago
10:30 - 11:00am Arrive at Fairfield Inn Chicago Midway Center - 6630 S Cicero Ave, Bedford Park, IL - Early check in for available rooms.
The Cauldron's New Website
Mar 13, 2012
Welcome to the Blue Hell on the interwebs. Few websites have been as highly anticipated as this one. Our website has been evolving for almost 2 years now. Our goal was to get this new framework up before Opening Day 2012 and roll with the initial content that was ready or pretty close. We appreciate all the input and the help many of you have provided in getting us to this stage.

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